Master Agent Bank & Account Database

BNM360’s Master Database of Agents and Accounts is the network manager’s single source of truth, serving as both nexus and launchpad for agent bank risk monitoring, regulatory and audit compliance, and account governance processes.

Gain Efficiency

With a single integrated system reflecting the real-time state of your due diligence, recertification, and accounts governance processes you can dramatically cut costs and risk exposure.

Evolve Network Management

Integrating all network management data into one system will empower you to evolve risk, cost, and compliance management to dynamic, integrated knowledge provisioning for your global business.

Achieve Dynamism

With sophisticated data modeling capabilities, the Master Database is built to adapt to your risk assessment, reporting, and compliance requirements, even as they change and grow.

Comprehensive database of Agent Banks

  • Centralized directory of all agent banks including relevant market and legal information, contact details, and risk attributes
  • Track all accounts along with associated agent bank, legal relationships, and agreements
  • Easily search the database without time-consuming hunts across multiple systems
  • Leverage intuitive filters and custom data tables to find and view records matching specific criteria, e.g. status, type, regulatory flags, etc.
  • Update agent bank and account information automatically with responses from DDQs and other questionnaires
Comprehensive database of Agent Banks

Manage complex relationships easily

  • Maintain a powerful system of record for all network management functions, from due diligence and RFPs to account opening approval processes and recertification
  • Easily tailor the data model to reflect your current business processes, no matter how complex, and seamlessly make ad hoc changes to support new requirements
  • Save time and minimize errors through custom data validations and business rules
  • Automatically track status changes and exceptions at any level of the relationships
Manage complex relationships easily

Achieve an integrated, enterprise Single Source of Truth

  • Maintain a library of legal agreements and other documents, attaching to the underlying legal agent relationship, the agent bank, and/or the account
  • Reference documents across multiple relationships to prevent data duplication
  • Maintain data integrity and provenance using the audit trail and history of changes
  • Build custom dashboards and reports on any data in the system for a variety of audiences
Achieve an integrated, enterprise Single Source of Truth

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