Account Recertification Process

BNM360’s Account Recertification module provides a complete end-to-end solution for validating the correctness of your account records, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to reconcile discrepancies, and systematizing the process of amendments with approvals workflows.

Gain Efficiency

Time-saving automations like recertification scheduling and an intuitive 360-degree view of relevant account data make detection of discrepancies simpler and faster for you and your agents.

Cost Savings

Evolve manual spreadsheet-and-email-driven recertification processes into a vastly more productive and less error-prone reconciliation effort at a fraction of the cost.

Systemic Solution

Any discrepancies discovered through recertification can be pushed into a configurable approval process before committing to the database.

Streamline account recertification process

  • Automate the complex process of annual recertification of accounts using collaborative validation workflows
  • Pre-define all accounts attributes that need to be validated in the recertification process
  • Use flexible filters to select and send accounts to internal business users or external agent banks for validation
  • Automatically trigger approval workflows to update accounts based on respondents’ inputs
Streamline account recertification process

Provide easy way for agent banks and internal entities to update account information

  • Agent banks and internal business users get an easy, intuitive UI to review and update account information
  • Ability for respondents to import account list in excel and export changes back into the application
  • Submit updates in bulk or account by account
  • Standardize detection and reconciliation of discrepancies through automated recertification
Provide easy way for agent banks and internal entities to update account information

Designed for enterprise level scale

  • Send recertification request for thousands of accounts at the same time
  • Audit trail of updates to accounts maintained in the application
  • Two-way messaging and collaboration at an account level with internal teams and agent banks during the recertification process
  • Notifications and alerts to all parties at every step of recertification
Designed for enterprise level scale

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