Account Management Workflows

The Account Management Workflows module provides configurable rules and an approvals engine to centralize and automate your business processes for account opening and closure, amendments to existing records, and engagements with new agent banks.

Gain efficiency

Through no-code configurations of business rules and workflows, you can standardize and automate your approval processes, saving time and preventing errors.

Implement Governance Policies at Scale

With flexible, cloud-based management of accounts and agent relationships, BNM360 adapts effortlessly to meet the growing demands and changing needs of your global business.

Systemic Solution

Integrated with the core system, BNM360 Workflows both prevent error-prone, redundant, or ad hoc solutions and facilitate real-time analytics on account opening and agent selection.

Automation of Account Request and Creation

  • Easy-to-use, configurable forms for business users to initiate account opening and closure requests
  • Error-reducing automations to implement governance policies and market-specific rules
  • Business rules to route requests through multi-tiered approval process based on account attributes or request details
  • Tight integration with Master Agent Bank & Account database, automatically creating agent and account records with specified attributes after approval
Automation of Account Request and Creation

Comprehensive Account Management

  • End-to-end workflows for account management from creation to closure
  • Automations to trigger new relationship workflows based on attributes of account requested
  • Account closure workflows to close dormant accounts
  • Streamline and control amendments to accounts using pre-configured workflows to prevent errors
Comprehensive Account Management

Configurable Account Workflows

  • Complete flexibility in configuring your account opening & closure approval workflows
  • Full workflow engine integrated into the platform allowing for rapid configuration
  • Add custom stages by Account & Relationship type or other attributes like Account Type, Market, Regions etc.
Configurable Account Workflows

Designed for Enterprise-level Scale

  • Full audit history at each step in the process visible to all participants
  • Email notifications and reminders to requestors, approvers at every step of the process
  • Team-based collaboration and assignment to streamline approval workflows
  • Quickly search and take action on items that are pending approvals
  • Bulk approval and bulk creation actions for greater efficiency
  • Operational analytics and reporting to manage day to day activities and extract insights
Designed for Enterprise-level Scale

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