The Potential Impact of ESG on Due Diligence in Enterprise Financial Services

In this article, we discuss ESG and its implications for EFS. We also analyze the challenges around due diligence for EFS organizations and how platforms like CENTRL's DD360 and BNM360 can help.

The Buyer’s Guide for Bank Network Management Software

Learn about the Bank Network Management challenges and how having BNM Software can resolve the issues.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Accelerated the Adoption of Technology for Due Diligence

Discover the impact of COVID-19 across industries and how it affects the use of technology for due diligence.

Build vs. Buy Guide for Risk and Due Diligence Platforms

Here, we share the process we use to help clients determine whether they should build a risk and due diligence platform in house, or purchase software.

WEBINAR - Using Digitalization to Reduce Friction Between Senders and Respondents In Network Due Diligence

Watch industry experts at Citi, HSBC, Standard Bank, EUROCCP, and CENTRL discuss how to implement a seamless network due diligence experience.

WHITEPAPER - Best Practices for Bank Network Management: Improving Efficiency and Risk Monitoring

This whitepaper draws on years of bank network management experience to share industry best practices.

WHITEPAPER - Post-COVID Due Diligence: Recovering and Learning from Unprecedented Risk

Learn about the implications of COVID-19 on the bank network community and how it can recover from unprecedented risk events.

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