The Most Advanced Bank Network Management Platform

Global Network Managers are confronted with the challenge of managing the selection, oversight, risk, and cost of hundreds of Agent bank relationships around the world in an increasingly complex environment. However, their current process and platforms are highly fragmented and manual which creates inefficiency and potential risk exposure for all parties.

CENTRL's Global Network Management Platform is the most comprehensive, integrated, and advanced platform purpose built for Network managers to automate the process from account opening and closure request to RFP management, ongoing DDQ monitoring and account re-certification. CENTRL's platform is designed as a true 2-sided network that brings great efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances risk oversight for Network Managers while limiting the burden for Agent Banks as well.

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Account Opening & Closing Request Workflows

  • Complete flexibility in configuring your account opening & closing approval workflow
  • Full workflow engine integrated into the platform allowing for rapid configuration
  • Add custom stages by Account & Relationship type or other attributes
  • Full audit history at each step in the process visible to all participants
  • Automatically create agent and account record along with details post-approval
Digitize your own DDQs and Automate Scoring
Reporting & Analysis

Automate Full DDQ Monitoring Process

  • Use latest AFME, Wolfsberg and other standard DDQ templates from system library
  • Modify standard templates with full easy-to-use editor
  • Instantly digitize proprietary DDQs or internal surveys
  • Create publication schedules based on rules and Agent bank attributes
  • Bulk publishing of DDQs
  • Manage all clarifications in application
  • Rules and workflow engine for internal delegation, custom reminders & much more
  • Pre-populate outgoing DDQs - so both parties only focus on changed answers significantly increasing efficiency
  • Configure your grading scale and automate scoring of responses
  • Automatically extract DDQ answers and populate Agent Bank and Account attributes
  • Centralize all evidence and document attachments in single library

Master Agent Bank & Account Database

  • Centralized database of all Agent Bank accounts
  • Add custom attributes at the Bank and Account level
  • Centralized repository of Account agreements linked to accounts
  • Update account data from internal data sources or from DDQ responses
Manage all your Funds
Issues & Findings Tracking and Remediation

Track Issues & Manage Resolution

  • Create issues based on DDQ responses or independently
  • Document Issue status, severity and recommendation
  • Publish issues to Agent Banks and interact with them on updates
  • Collaborate internally with other users inside the Bank
  • Create action plans and manage progress from start to finish

Account Re-certification Process

  • Send list of accounts to respective agents for certification and validation
  • Ability for agent banks to confirm and update details
  • Approval and review workflow of data that is sent by agent banks
  • Automatic update of account database post approval
Dynamic Dashboards & Detailed Analytics
Complete Platform for Managers & 3rd Parties

Detailed Analytics & Dynamic Dashboards

  • Detailed analytics at the Agent Bank and portfolio level
  • Drill down cross-section and time series analyses
  • Dashboards to track progress of DDQs, Issues and Assignments
  • Run benchmarks across portfolio at detailed question level
  • Customize dashboards to your preferences
  • Configure dashboard access by organizational role and access

Complete Platform For Agent Banks To Respond

  • Agent Banks get consolidated view of incoming DDQs
  • Agent Bank can delegate sections and questions within their organization
  • Recipients can upload documents and respond to clarifications within application
  • Agent Banks can focus on only answering questions that have changed since previous DDQ
  • Agent Banks get single file library of all uploaded documents with complete audit trail
Dynamic Dashboards & Detailed Analytics

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