Global Bank Network Management Platform - BNM360

CENTRL’s BNM360 is the most comprehensive and advanced platform for automating the monitoring and risk oversight of agent banks by custodians and network managers.

See Why Some of the World's Largest Banks Are Using CENTRL's Global Network Management Platform

Major Cost Savings Up To 50% Efficiency Improvement

Powerful Risk Analytics & Benchmarks

Intuitive Agent Portal With Automated Workflows

Transform End-To-End Due Diligence Process

DDQ Automation

  • Use AFME, Wolfsberg & other standard templates from system library
  • Edit standard templates in application or upload proprietary questionnaires
  • Configure your scoring frameworks
  • Bulk publish assessments to Agent Banks or set up recurring schedule
  • Conduct clarifications in application
  • Auto-assign questions and sections within your organization for evaluation
  • Centralize all evidence and documents in single repository with in-app viewer
DDQ Automation

Transformational Efficiency Drivers

  • Pre-populate answers from last year answers
    • Agent Bank only updates “what has changed”
    • You evaluate what’s changed & how
  • Auto-score Y/N and Multiple Choice answers
  • Auto-extract answers for reporting
  • Automated workflows for scheduling DDQs by risk level
Transformational Efficiency Drivers

Complete Platform For Agent Banks To Respond

  • Agent Banks get consolidated view of incoming DDQs
  • Agent Bank can delegate sections and questions within their organization
  • Recipients can upload documents and respond to clarifications within the application
  • Agent Banks can focus on only answering questions that have changed since previous DDQ
  • Agent Banks get single file library of all uploaded documents with complete audit trail
Complete Platform For Agent Banks To Respond

Track Issues & Manage Resolution

  • Create issues based on DDQ responses or independently
  • Document issue status, severity and recommendation
  • Publish issues to Agent Banks and interact with them on updates
  • Collaborate internally with other users inside the bank
  • Create action plans and manage progress from start to finish
Track Issues & Manage Resolution

Detailed Analytics & Dynamic Dashboards

  • Detailed analytics at the Agent Bank and portfolio level
  • Drill down cross-section and time series analyses
  • Dashboards to track progress of DDQs, Issues and Assignments
  • Run benchmarks across portfolio at detailed question level
  • Customize dashboards to your preferences
  • Configure dashboard access by organizational role and access
  • Auto-generate executive and summary reports from DDQ data
Detailed Analytics & Dynamic Dashboards

Modern SaaS Platform

  • Modern software application with very intuitive user interface
  • Highly secure platform hosted across multiple data centers globally and vetted by multiple global banks
  • Designed for rapid deployment at very cost effective level
  • Open API design for easy integration with internal systems
  • Multi-lingual
Modern SaaS Platform


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